About Us

Glenn and Cheryl Mowat are trained marriage coaches who have experienced healing in their marriage through Relational Care Intimate Encounters out of Austin Texas. They bring their life experience and training together in this process to help others through difficult times in their relationships.

“We have a deep desire to bring this practical teaching to Canada, particularly the Greater Hamilton/Burlington area. Through the healing we have experienced and our training, we want to give hope to others for a more intimate relationship with God, as well as their spouse. Restoration of relationships in families stems from this teaching and can positively influence growth in all other relationships”

Our Vision and Mission

We desire to see individuals, families, churches, businesses and organizations in our community, living together with meaning and purpose, respecting self and others. We are very passionate and committed to having couples experience God’s healing power in relationships…with the goal being the restoration of marriages, families, friends and community.

Our Mandate

We provide coaching services for accelerated healing and change as well as a continuum of care and relational enrichment for marriages, families, and individuals.
We are trained in the Accelerated Relational Care(ARC) Process – a unique approach for helping people in crisis as well as those who simply want to experience more joy and meaning in life. By helping people experience Bible verses for deepening their relationship with God and others, we seek to halt the destruction of unhealthy patterns, bringing hope and healing to broken relationships, wounded hearts, and damaged lives.

Although trained in Relational Care principles, we are not in any way legally affiliated with Relational Care Ministries, Inc (d.b.a., The Center for Relational Care) based in Austin Texas.